About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is a safe and diverse school community in which all students will achieve their highest potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the social and academic tools, in a safe and nurturing environment, that empower students to use multicultural competency to become productive citizens in our global society.

Course Offerings
EnglishEnglish 1 (9th)
English 1 Honors (9th)
Reading Intervention (9th)
English 2 (10th)
English 2 Honors (10th)
English 3 (11th)
AP English Language (11th)
English 4 (12th)
AP English Literature (12th)
MathAlgebra 1 (9th)
Algebra 1 Honors (9th)
Math Intervention (9th)
Geometry (10th)
Geometry Honors (10th)
Algebra 2 (11th)
Precalculus (11th or 12th)
AP Calculus (11th or 12th)
Statistics (12th)
Social StudiesWorld History (9th)
African American History (10th)
American History (11th)
AP US History (11th)
Social Science (12th)
AP US Government (12th)
ScienceBiology (9th / 10th)
Chemistry (11th)
AP Chemistry (11th)
Physics (12th)
AP Physics (12th)
Arts / HumanitiesArt
AP Art
LanguagesSpanish 1
Spanish 2
Chinese 1
Chinese 2
AP Chinese
Health & P.E.Health
Physical Education
ESOLESOL 1, 2, 3 and 4
Orientation to Science
Orientation to Social Studies
ESOL Technology